Brand book

Ortto’s brand book feature allows you to customize the overall colors, logos, and default template styles, which includes fonts and typography, button appearance, as well as footer colors.

Use this feature to customize the appearance of your email campaign messages, as well as capture widgets placed on your external data source sites.

When you use some templates, such as email campaigns and capture widgets, you can select to inherit the brand book settings, which will apply your fonts and color schemes to templated content.

Brand palette

At Brand palette, pick a selection of colors to represent your organization. The brand palette is inherited when you choose to Use brand book settings on a template.

Add your logo to appear at the top of email messages, and in your email and SMS preference centers. The maximum logo size is 1 MB and 2048 pixels wide by 2048 pixels high.

Your logo will be resized down to Ortto’s maximum width (180px) or height (80px), while keeping it’s original ratio. As such, we recommend a logo dimension ratio of 180:80, with a minimum logo width of 360px so the image maintains focus on high-resolution Retina displays.


In this section, choose the default font, font sizes and colors that will be used when you create assets such as email messages.

Change the font style by clicking Custom.

At Font packs you can choose a themed font style.

Alternatively, personalize your messages further with a custom font. Under Custom fonts, at Heading 1 and Body, click the drop-down arrow to choose a font or upload a font file. When choosing a custom font, you’ll need to choose a fallback system font.

Set the text size and line height using the selector. Click and/or drag the selector to the size you want.

Fallback system font

The fallback system font is used when the primary font (Heading 1 or body) is not supported by the email client you are using to view your Ortto email campaign messages.

Colors and lines

Use the color pickers to choose colors for background and illustrations, typography, buttons, and the email footer. For transparency or no fill, select the no fill icon.