Canceling your subscription

You can cancel a subscription at anytime. The cancellation will take place at the next renewal date (the end of your contract term).

You will not be able to cancel your plan within 30 days of the renewal date when you are on an annual commitment.

How to cancel your subscription:

  1. Navigate to your profile, then click Plan & Billing.

  2. On your plan page, click the more more icon on the right-hand side, then click Cancel plan.

  3. On the Cancel your plan page, fill out the cancellation form and confirm your approval.

We appreciate you leaving feedback as to why you canceled to help us improve.

Loss of access to your account

When your subscription is canceled, you lose access to your account:

  • For a paid subscription, at the end of the contract term.

  • For a trial subscription, immediately.

Terminated accounts

Accounts are terminated either at your request (by canceling your subscription), or at our discretion. We will terminate an account if we believe it is in breach of our terms and conditions. If you believe your account has been incorrectly terminated please contact or start a conversation with our team.