What is a Custom IP and how do I purchase one?

By default, all Ortto accounts send emails from what are referred to as "pooled" IPs. This means that senders are grouped together based on their email deliverability performance to send from the same shared IP.

Note: Custom IPs are only available as add-ons to the Business and Enterprise Plans.

Who should have a Custom IP?

Because certain things are required to maintain IP reputation with providers, the following details outline the ideal traffic for a Custom IP:

B2C senders:

B2B senders:

There are some rare cases that also exist where a Custom IP may be needed regardless of volume:

  • Legal requirements based on sender/content type
  • Internal communications that need safe IP allowlisting
  • External communications with high-security organizations (government, banks, etc.)
  • Some other internal, organizational-specific requirements

Pooled IP benefits

  • Your traffic benefits from the positive reputation already established by other users
  • You do not have to manage the volume and frequency to make sure enough traffic is keeping the IP’s reputation warm
  • Our deliverability team regularly monitors and maintains the traffic on the shared IPs to strengthen its reputation

If you wish to take full control over your deliverability, you can purchase a Custom IP (sometimes referred to as a "dedicated IP") with Ortto.

Custom IP benefits

  • More control over your individual sender reputation
  • Protection against other senders’ mistakes having an effect on your traffic (rare but possible on shared IPs)
  • The ability to provide a more secure allowlisting experience
  • Hands-on experience in the delisting experience with our Deliverability Team’s support should a reputation issue occur

How do I purchase a Custom IP?

Custom IPs can be added to your subscription from the Plan & billing page.

NOTE: If unsure, reach out to Support first to verify if your sending practices would benefit from a Custom IP.

  1. Click your account name on the bottom left-hand corner of the platform and select Plan & billing:

2. Click Update plan

3. Click Select add-on and select Custom IP. Click Continue and finish the checkout requirements.

Adding the Custom IP add-on

NOTE: If the option to purchase a Custom IP is not available, you may not be on a plan that allows this feature as an add-on. Reach out to Support for further assistance.

Can I purchase more than one Custom IP?

Yes, purchasing more than one Custom IP is possible. Please reach out to Support prior to purchasing to verify whether or not your traffic would benefit from multiple IPs.

NOTE: Custom IPs are not displayed in the account. If you have purchased a Custom IP this information will be available on your invoices, accessible via the Plan & billing page.