Filter people beyond 90 days of data retention

Customers on selected Ortto plans can opt-in to selectively store their activity data for longer.

Extending data retention past 90 days enables you to create a single-purpose filter on the People page of all your stored data. The filter you create is single-purpose because it is a snapshot of your people data against the particular activity or activities you selected. The results are not dynamic in the way that a report or audience entry criteria can be.

When generated, the filter applies a tag to your filter matches that specifies the filter condition/s you have selected.

Once you have your filter results tagged, you can then save people with the tag as an audience send them campaign messages, export them, or archive them.

To filter people beyond 90 days data retention:

  1. Ensure you have data retention set to beyond 90 days for the activity or activities you wish to filter by.
  2. On the People page, click Filter.
  3. Choose an activity condition and select a Where clause.
  4. Click Done to view the results.
  5. Click Tag matches, edit the tag text if you wish, then click Create.
    Example filter created to generate a tag
  6. You will receive an email (at the email address associated with your Ortto account) containing a link to your filter.
  7. Click the View filter link in your email to view the filter results on the People page.
The resulting tag created from the filter

For additional examples of how default and extended data retention works in your Ortto account, read Understanding activity data in Ortto.