Email handoff

After approximately 2 minutes of contact/visitor inactivity, unseen messages sent by the agent will be sent to the contact/visitor’s email address (collected at the beginning of the conversation for unknown visitors, or based on the CDP email field value for known contacts). Email handoff will include a preview of the live chat, including the unseen message, with the option for the contact/agent to reply via email or return to the talk widget/talk capture widget to continue the conversation.

After an unseen message is sent via email, if a contact/visitor replies via the talk widget/talk capture widget, then becomes inactive again, any unseen replies will again be sent via email. Alternatively, if the conversation is handed off to email and the contact/visitor replies via email, any agent replies will continue to be sent via email.

When a conversation is closed (marked closed by the agent), a transcript will be emailed to the contact/visitor.

Emails sent as part of the handoff process will be delivered from the email address you set for the team at Settings > Talk widget > Teams.