Conversations list

Conversations between agents and contacts/visitors are captured in individual threads and are accessed from the left-hand sidebar in the inbox.

Change which conversations are shown in the list using the selectors at the top of the list.

By default, Open shows all open conversations. Click on it to be able to select Closed or Snoozed conversations.

Sort the order of conversations by clicking Unreplied first and change to Newest or Waiting longest as required.

Conversations in bold are awaiting a response from an agent. These are unassigned or not assigned to you.

Conversations assigned to you that are awaiting your response will be indicated with a blue badge (dot). The blue badge will only show for the agent to which the conversation is assigned, where the agent hasn’t read the message yet or have marked it as unread.

A tick beside a message indicates the last message sent by an agent hasn’t been seen by the contact/visitor. A double tick indicates the message has been seen by the contact/visitor.