Uniqueness filter for table reports

When you create a table report with the Aggregate by option Unique total count, by default, the Apply uniqueness filter against each group checkbox is selected. This setting collects 1 activity event per person, per group (instead of 1 activity event per person across all groups).

For example, you have sent 5 different email campaigns to 1 person in 1 day. The recipient clicks each campaign, some more than once, resulting in 8 clicks across the 5 campaigns. 

When you build a report for the activity Clicked email, grouped by Campaign name, the report will display 1 Clicked email activity event for each of the 5 different campaigns.

Without Apply uniqueness filter against each group selected, the report would only capture 1 of the Clicked email activity events, because our system will count the first event matching the activity metric then stop counting.