Creating a field-based report

Creating a field-based report enables you to see how many users have a certain value for a custom, system or data source field on a particular day, week or month so you can track relative group sizes over time.


  • Field metrics used in line, area and column type reports must have tracking enabled, otherwise the data cannot be visualized in the report.
  • In a pie or metric report type, where a field does not have tracking enabled you won’t be able to select a historical timeframe (like "Last week"), because the report can only show data for the current day.

As an example, you have a subscription-based product with plan tiers named BronzeSilver and Gold. Where you have a custom single-select field called Plan tier, you can use this field as a metric will show you how many people had a value during that particular time. Adding a clause to say where Plan tier is Gold, you can see how many contacts had the Plan tier value of gold in that period.

To view how many people there are with each different field value use Group by attribute or field and select the same field.


  • The report can only load data from the time activity tracking was turned on for the chosen field.
  • If a person has multiple field updates in the specified period (days/weeks/months), only the latest New value field attribute update to occur will be included in the report.
  • If data retention is turned on for the tracked activity, the report can access as much data as is available for the field.
  • Geo chart reports can only use location-based fields as metrics.

To create a field-based report:

  1. Click Add metric and select a field. Using our subscription plan example above, this could be Plan tier.
  2. To see different field values, select Group by attribute or field and select the same field activity you chose as the initial activity metric (e.g. Plan tier).
  3. Click Create to finish.

NOTE: If no Where clause is selected, the report will include people with a value for that field (the same as a has any value condition).

NOTE: If the report is made dynamic, field updates will be calculated once per day (unless you click Refresh within that period).