Autopilot: Action - Remove from Google Ads Audience

This action removes a contact from a Google Ads Customer Match audience list.

If you haven't yet connected to Google Ads you can learn how to do so here. Please also note that you need to meet Google's requirements to use Customer Match in order to use this action.

How do I remove contacts from a Customer Match audience?

You can remove contacts from a Customer Match Audience by connecting any trigger to the Remove From Audience action.

For example, imagine you run a lunch subscription service and want to target:

  • free trials, with ads encouraging them to subscribe; and
  • subscribers, with ads encouraging them to upgrade their subscription to a premium tier that includes weekend deliveries.

You could do the following:

You'll note that the above Journey has three parts:

  1. Contacts that submit the "Free Trial" form are added to the "Trial to Subscribe" Custom Audience via the Form Submitted trigger.
  2. Once they become a customer they are removed from the "Trial to Subscribe" audience via the Field Match trigger and added to the "Subscribe to Upgrade" audience.
  3. Once they upgrade their subscription to include weekend deliveries they are removed from the "Subscribe to Upgrade" audience via the Field Match trigger.