Autopilot: Trigger - New Intercom Lead

This trigger adds any new Intercom lead to a Journey.

To use this trigger you need to connect to Intercom in Settings. No configuration is required on the trigger itself; simply connect it to an action and publish the Journey. Once you do so, all new Intercom leads added going forwards will enter the Journey.

For example, you could create a Journey such as this one:


If I import leads to Intercom will they enter a Journey via this trigger?

No, Intercom does not currently support this. However, tags applied during an import will cause the Intercom Tag trigger to fire, so you may wish to use it instead.

I added a new lead in Intercom without an email address, and they didn't enter my Journey, why?

In Autopilot email address is our unique identifier. So to avoid adding duplicates we'll only add someone via this trigger if they have an email address. This includes existing Intercom leads who later have an email address added to their record.

Which Intercom fields will be sent to Autopilot?

Any mapped fields that have a value at the time the Intercom lead is added will be sent to Autopilot.