Autopilot: Trigger - LiveChat Tag

This trigger adds a contact to a Journey when they are tagged in LiveChat.

Connecting to LiveChat also allows you to:

  • create a smart segment based on LiveChat tags; and
  • capture fields from your pre-chat and post-chat surveys to Autopilot.

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How to connect and configure the integration

Before you get started, you need to connect to LiveChat in Settings:

Click "Connect to LiveChat" and follow the login steps on LiveChat's website.

Once you have done so, anyone tagged in LiveChat will be automatically added to Autopilot. You can manage your LiveChat tags here. If you're not familiar with LiveChat tags, we recommend reading this article.

Tags are displayed in the Activity Feed as well as on the contact profile:

Tags are completely dynamic, so if a tag is:

  • added in LiveChat, it will be added in Autopilot; and
  • removed in LiveChat, it will be removed in Autopilot.

How to map your LiveChat fields to Autopilot

You can map the fields in your pre-chat and/or post-chat surveys to corresponding fields in Autopilot. Here's an example pre-chat survey:

Map your fields as demonstrated below and click "Update Field Mappings" when you have finished. Email is mapped by default and locked, as it is required to create a contact in Autopilot

How to start a Journey using LiveChat tags

You can add contacts to Journeys when they are tagged in LiveChat. For example, let's say you have a "hot lead" tag and want to follow up all hot leads with an email. You would do the following:

You could connect the trigger to other actions as well. For example, you could notify your team on Slack that there's a new hot lead, and add the lead to a Facebook Custom Audience, by doing the following:

Please note that in order to prevent accidents, contacts can only enter a Journey once per trigger. So if you tag a contact, remove that tag, and then re-add it, they will not re-enter the Journey via the same trigger.

Please also note that if you plan on following up chats with an email, in order to comply with our email usage policy, you should either:

  • ask the person for permission to email them during the chat; or
  • make it clear in your pre-chat or post-chat survey that they are opting in to receive email from you by providing their email address.

How to create a smart segment based on LiveChat tags

Follow the steps below to create a smart segment based on whether a contact has been tagged, or not tagged in LiveChat:

You can also separate tags with a comma to perform an "OR" operations.

Please note that contacts tagged prior to connecting LiveChat to Autopilot will not be included in the smart segment.