Autopilot: Trigger - Facebook Lead Ad Submitted

This trigger adds a contact to a Journey when they submit a Facebook Lead Ad.

What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Lead Ads let people show their interest in a product or service by filling out a form in the ad with their details and allowing a business to follow up with them. Learn more about Lead Ads here.

If you don't yet have any Lead Ads setup in Facebook, you can learn how to create them here.

How to connect Autopilot to Facebook

To use this trigger you need to connect to Facebook. You can do this in Settings:

Click "Connect to Facebook" and follow the login steps on Facebook.

How to setup a Lead Ad

Drop the trigger and click "Setup New Lead Ad":

Select a Lead Ad:

Map your form fields to the corresponding fields in Autopilot. Please ensure you map the email field as it is required to create a contact in Autopilot. We'll do our best to automatically map your fields, however sometimes you’ll need to search and find a more appropriate field. If you can't, you can add a new custom field:

How to start a Journey using your Lead Ad

Now that your Lead Ad is setup, you can use it in a Journey:

We recommend connecting the following actions to your trigger:

  • Add to List action, so you can easily access all contacts that have submitted the Lead Ad (note that you can also do this using a smart segment, see below).
  • Send Slack Message action or the Send Notification action, to alert your team via Slack or email when a new submission is received.
  • Send Email action, to send a confirmation email to the contact.

Please note that Lead Ad submissions will only be captured for forms selected on a trigger in a published Journey.

How to create a smart segment based on Lead Ad submissions

Follow the steps below to create a smart segment based on whether a contact has submitted, or not submitted, a particular Lead Ad:


Why isn't my Lead Ad showing up during setup?

The most common reason for this is that the ad isn't actually configured in Facebook as a Lead Ad. There's two key steps that you need to take in Facebook to achieve this.

Firstly, when setting up your ad, please ensure that on the "What's your marketing objective?" step you choose "Lead Generation":

Secondly, ensure that on the "Ad" step you choose a lead form:

If you don't yet have a lead form setup in Facebook, click "New Form" (see above). Please ensure that one of your questions is "email" as it's required in order to capture the Lead Ad in Autopilot.