Autopilot: Trigger - Heap Event

Please note that you need to be on Heap's Enterprise plan to use this trigger. 

This trigger allows you to add a contact to a Journey using a Heap event. You need email as a user property in Heap in order to use it. 

To get started, create a Journey and drop the Heap Event trigger on the canvas. Enter the event name, and then connect it to the action(s) you'd like to perform:

Once you have published the Journey you must then setup a corresponding webhook in Heap. Once you have done so, you will begin to see events in the Activity Feed confirming that contacts are successfully entering your Journey:


Can I trigger Journeys using Heap Segments?

Not currently, however if you'd like to see this feature we encourage you to raise your support for it with your Heap account manager.

Can I stream Autopilot activities to Heap?

Yes, you can stream Autopilot activities to Heap as events. Learn more.