Autopilot: Trigger - SMS Received

The SMS Received trigger adds a contact to a Journey when they SMS a keyword (e.g. "subscribe") to a number or messaging service:

To use this trigger you need to:

Messages received will be displayed in the Activity Feed:

You can also use personalization variables which allow you to check if the message received matches a field on contact, for example a coupon code:


What happens if someone who isn't a contact sends a message matching my keyword?

They will be automatically added as a contact.

What happens if I use the same keyword on multiple triggers?

The contact will enter the Journey(s) via all triggers using the keyword.

Does capitalization matter?

No. To make things easier, capitalization is ignored. For example, if you add "Subscribe" as your keyword, and someone replies "subscribe", they will still be added to the Journey.

Can I use Twilio's opt-out keywords?

Yes, this trigger is fully compatible with Twilio's opt-out keywords such as "stop" and "help". However, please note that Twilio will send a default reply to these keywords.

What happens if I select a messaging service?

A contact will be added to the Journey if they send the keyword to any number associated with the messaging service.

What happens if a contact includes more than one word in their message?

We only accept the first word. The benefit of this is that if your keyword was "Yes", and someone sent "Yes please", they will still enter the Journey. For this reason, please only use single-word keywords.

How do I send SMS messages?

Use the Send SMS action.