Autopilot: What does the HubSpot CRM integration do?

Autopilot's native HubSpot CRM integration makes it easy to:

  • add new HubSpot CRM contacts to Autopilot;
  • convert leads acquired via Autopilot into personalized HubSpot CRM deals;
  • assign deals to your sales team using round robin lead assignment; and
  • start journeys in Autopilot when a deal's stage is changed in HubSpot CRM, or when a particular field meets specific criteria.

How to connect to HubSpot CRM

You can connect to HubSpot CRM in Settings:

Click "Connect to HubSpot CRM" and follow the login steps on HubSpot CRM.

How to map fields

Once connected, you can map your HubSpot CRM fields to Autopilot's fields in Field Mappings:

This is optional, however if you do so it will mean that when any contact is added or updated via one of the triggers listed below, we will pull in the current value for each mapped field in HubSpot CRM and update the corresponding field in Autopilot.

What shapes are included in the integration?

They are as follows:


New HubSpot CRM Contact

HubSpot CRM Contact Field Match

HubSpot CRM Deal Stage Match


Add HubSpot CRM Deal

Update HubSpot CRM Deal Stage


Check HubSpot CRM Deal Stage

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