Autopilot: Instapage's integration vs. Autopilot form capture

Instapage's Autopilot integration allows you to add contacts that submit your form directly to a list in Autopilot. It requires Instapage's Professional or Premium plans.

Should I use Instapage's integration or Autopilot's form capture?

You don't need to use Instapage's Autopilot integration in order to capture your Instapage forms. You can use Autopilot's form capture to capture your Instapage form (Autopilot's tracking code can be added to Instapage by following these instructions). This feature is available on all Autopilot plans and is simple to setup.

If you use Autopilot's form capture, you can add form submissions to a list using the Add to List action:

The added benefit of using Autopilot's form capture is that on form submission we use cookies to identify the user, so you can track their activity on your web pages. For this reason, we recommend using Autopilot's form capture instead of Instapage's integration (however, note below for one possible exception to this when using Instapage's A/B test feature). We are, however, working with Instapage to improve their integration in the future.

If you're using Instapage's A/B test feature, it may be necessary to use their integration

If you're using Instapage's A/B test feature, and your form is different on one of the variations (e.g. one of the fields is different) then we recommend using their integration. This is because Autopilot's form capture doesn't see the forms as being the "same" because of the field differences.

If you use Instapage's integration, you can trigger your Journey using the List Trigger (with the list that you chose in the Instapage setup selected), instead of the Form Submitted trigger:

Remember to select either the second or third option on the List Trigger to ensure that people that submit your form in the future also enter the Journey: