Autopilot: How to monitor Salesforce API usage

In Settings under "Salesforce Sync" you can see your Salesforce API usage for the last 24 hours. This includes both Autopilot’s usage, and the usage of other apps you have connected to Salesforce:

The goal is to make it easy for you to monitor your overall usage given Salesforce imposes a limit. Once you hit this limit we won't sync any data between Autopilot and Salesforce until your daily limit is reset, or you arrange with your Salesforce representative to have your limit increased. Once you have API calls available, the sync will resume.

If you'd like to monitorAutopilot's usage of the Salesforce API, then under "Salesforce Sync", click "API Usage":

This will show you Autopilot's Salesforce API usage per day for the last two weeks. Please note that dates are in the UTC timezone.

We highly recommend enabling the Salesforce Bulk API if you haven't done so already.