Autopilot: Trigger - Smart Segment Trigger

The Smart Segment Trigger adds contacts on smart segment to a Journey:

First select the smart segment you'd like to add contacts from:

If you haven't yet created your smart segment, click "Add a new Smart Segment" from the drop down. Learn more about creating a smart segment here.

Next pick from one of the three options below:

  1. The first option adds everyone currently in the smart segment.
  2. The second option adds anyone that enters the smart segment in the future (i.e. after publishing the Journey).
  3. The third option adds (a) everyone currently in the smart segment and (b) anyone that enters the smart segment in the future (i.e. after publishing the Journey).

Finally, connect the trigger to an action (or a condition that flows into an action):

If you want to add more than one smart segment to your Journey, simply drag additional triggers onto the canvas and connect them to the same shape.

When you are ready, click "Publish Journey":

If you selected the first or third options referred to above, on publish you'll be told how many contacts the Smart Segment Trigger will add to the Journey. Note that if you added more than one trigger, this amount will be the total contacts added by all triggers.

Confirm that the number is correct and then click "Yes, publish".