Autopilot: Sync the Activity Feed with Salesforce's Activity History

This feature allows your sales team to see interactions with leads in Autopilot (for example, opening an Autopilot email) directly from Salesforce’s Activity History.

Before you get started, ensure you are connected to Salesforce.

How to enable Activity Sync

To enable Activity Sync go to settings under "Salesforce Sync" and then "Activity Sync":

Choose the types of activities you would like to sync to Salesforce, and then click "Save" on the right hand side of the screen:

After you have saved, the activities will be synced every 10 minutes as part of the regular sync.

Note that if you see a warning displayed that the Salesforce Bulk API is not available, this means that using this feature will consume more API calls. Please contact your Salesforce representative to enable the Salesforce Bulk API, which allows us to use far less API calls.

What is included in the sync?

You can choose which types of activities to sync with Salesforce. Here is what each type of activity includes:

  • Page visits: the tracked pages the lead or contact has visited.
  • Email activity: the emails the lead or contact has been sent, opened, clicked, replied, bounced or unsubscribed from.
  • SMS activity: the SMS messages the lead or contact has been sent.
  • Form submissions: the tracked forms the lead or contact has submitted.
  • Segment activity: the Segment events the lead or contact has triggered. 
  • Contacts activity: the smart segments the lead or contact has entered or left.
  • Journey activity: the Journeys the lead or contact has entered. 

Note: Headsup activity is not currently available to be synced with Salesforce. You can voice your support for this feature here.

Here's an example of what you'll see in the Salesforce Activity History. Note that events from Autopilot will be marked with "[Autopilot]":

When will activities show on a lead or contact?

Activities will only show on a lead or contact if the activity occurs after the lead or contact is synced with Salesforce. Activity that occurs prior to the sync will not be synced to Salesforce.

For this reason, if your leads are coming from Autopilot (e.g. through a form on your website), then please remember to add them to Salesforce as early in your Journey as possible (learn more).