Autopilot: Use a Salesforce Web-to-Lead form with Autopilot

Why is my Salesforce Web-to-Lead creating duplicates when I connect it to Autopilot?

Salesforce Web-to-Lead forms are fully compatible with Autopilot's form capture. However, it's important to ensure you set up your workflow properly to ensure no duplicates are created.

Basically, if you have:

  • a Salesforce Web-to-Lead form that adds leads to Salesforce; and
  • the same Salesforce Web-to-Lead form that adds leads to Salesforce via an Autopilot Journey (like the example below)

...then you will end up with duplicates being created in Salesforce.

This is because both Autopilot and Salesforce add the lead at exactly the same time.

To be clear, Autopilot normally checks Salesforce for an existing lead prior to adding a new one. However in this case because they happen at the same time, the usual check is not possible.

What should I do to stop duplicates being added?

The short answer is to pick either Salesforce or Autopilot to add the lead.

We strongly recommend turning off the Web-to Lead setting in your Salesforce form, and using Autopilot to add the lead to Salesforce. For more information these settings please see Salesforce's documentation.

This will give you more control (including a visual representation) of your workflow in the long run. You can learn how to do so here. But the short answer is either use the "Assign Lead" action, or add them to one of the Salesforce lists, which will mean they are synced with Salesforce.

If you would prefer to continue adding leads via the Web-to-Lead form, then you will need to avoid creating any Journeys that also creates them in Autopilot. The lead will be added to Autopilot as part of the regular 10 minute sync with Autopilot.