Autopilot: Prevent invalid form submissions from being captured

Sometimes even though your form has validation, you might still notice form submissions coming through to Autopilot that don't pass your validation criteria (e.g. you require phone number, but the submission doesn't have it).

Well, unfortunately not all forms are created equal, and this means as far as Autopilot is concerned, your form was actually submitted.

The technical reason for this (and don't worry, you don't need to understand this) is that your form needs to have client side validation and correctly call "event.preventDefault()" and return false from either the submit button click handler (preferred), or the form's submit handler, in order to avoid submitting a form which does not pass your validation criteria.

But if you'd prefer to avoid modifying your form (or simply have no idea what any of the above means) and would like to ensure only submissions that meet your criteria are captured, you can select the "Only accept form submits if certain fields are present" option:

Then in the left hand column, check the relevant fields. If a form is submitted which doesn't have a value in one of the fields you selected, it won't be captured.