Data hosting

By default, all customer (contact) data in your Ortto account is hosted in the United States (US). However, at signup, Ortto customers can elect to have their data hosted in a location that may be more relevant: in Australia (AU) or in the European Union (EU).

IMPORTANT: Once a data hosting location has been chosen, it cannot be changed. For example, if you choose to host your data in the EU it will be hosted in that location for the life of your account.

All Autopilot Journeys customers have their data hosted in the US only. The Ortto data can be hosted in a region you choose, then later if you turn off Autopilot and keep Ortto, all data will be hosted in your chosen region.

Why choose a non-US location for my data?

For Ortto customers operating from the EU or AU, you benefit from choosing to host your data locally by gaining data sovereignty — your customer data does not leave the region or country you select and can be protected by local data laws and governance. Note that third-party systems we interact with may continue to host their data elsewhere.

Data sovereignty can be critical for certain organizations, such as government and non-profit, to create trust with their own customers that their data is hosted locally.

Choosing a EU or AU location can help meet local data security regulations, such as the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

From an operational perspective, storing data locally may also see faster speeds in accessing and using data within Ortto, as the system is running in your own, or a more local, region or country.

Data hosting for existing Ortto customers

Customers who already have an account with Ortto cannot change their existing data hosting location. Should you wish to have your data hosted in a different region (EU or AU), you would have to create a new account with data hosting set to the relevant region.

How do I check where my data is hosted?

You can find your account's data hosting location at Settings > Privacy, security & GDPR > Data hosting.