Autopilot: Can I change my account name?

When you create your Autopilot account, an account name is automatically generated based on the company name you provide.

Your account name can be found in the bottom left by clicking on your profile picture:

It is not currently possible to change your account name. However, please bear in mind that, aside from internal use by Autopilot staff, the account name only serves one purpose, which is as your default email domain:

While the account name itself can't be changed, your default email address can be changed. You have two options to change it:

  1. Setup a custom email domain (recommended because it allows full customization of the email address that your email is sent from. For example, if you setup your email domain as "", you can send from on an email by email basis); or
  2. Log a request with our support team to change your address. For example, you might request to change it from to Note that while your email will come from this address, as explained in detail here, the "From Email" you enter in each email will be inserted as the "Reply-to" email, so when a recipient replies to your email, it will go to the address that you entered.