Autopilot: Does the tracking code support Google Tag Manager?

While it is possible to load the tracking code via Google Tag Manager (often referred to as "GTM"), some ad blockers may prevent GTM from loading.

For this reason,, particularly if you are planning to use Autopilot's form capture feature, which relies on the tracking code loading successfully.


My company only allows scripts to be loaded via GTM, does this mean I can't use Autopilot?

No. However, in light of the above, you may wish to consider using another approach to capturing your forms, such as our Zapier integration or API.

Do all ad blockers prevent GTM from loading?

No. There are many ad blockers available and they often require people to add filters lists that block particular scripts such as GTM.

Couldn't the tracking code also be blocked by ad blockers?

Yes, it's possible. However, since GTM is a more common script, it is much more likely to be the target of ad blockers.