Autopilot: Add new contacts created in Autopilot to Salesforce

This article explains how to add a contact created in Autopilot to Salesforce as a lead or contact. It assumes you are already connected to Salesforce. If you haven't already done so, you can learn how to connect here.

Before we get started, it's important to remember that if a new contact is created in Autopilot, they won't be synced with Salesforce automatically. They will be only be added to Salesforce if you follow one of the methods below. The goal of this workflow is to ensure that only quality leads or contacts (who have taken a particular action, or met some form of criteria) are added to Salesforce. 

Note: in Autopilot we use the term "contact" as a generic term to refer to both a lead or contact in Salesforce. Learn more.

Add to one of the Salesforce lists

When you connect Autopilot to Salesforce it creates two lists, "Salesforce Leads" and "Salesforce Contacts":

Any Autopilot contact added to one of these lists will be added to Salesforce as either a contact or lead, depending upon which list you add them to. Learn how to add contacts to a list here.

Assign leads in a journey

The above method of adding someone to Salesforce by adding them to either of the Salesforce lists will assign them to the user that connected Autopilot to Salesforce.

If you'd prefer to assign a lead to a specific Salesforce user or group, you can use the Assign Lead or Assign to Group action.

If you use this method, the lead will be automatically added to Salesforce. There is no need to also add them to the Salesforce Leads list. 

Note that the other Salesforce actions (except for the Update Salesforce Field action) create a lead in Salesforce automatically. This means that if a contact is created in Autopilot (e.g. via a tracked form) and flows directly into a Salesforce action (e.g. Add Task), they will be automatically created as a Salesforce lead if they don't yet exist in Salesforce. This is a nice way of automating your management of tasks, opportunities and campaigns in Salesforce directly from Autopilot.