Autopilot: What are Journeys?

"Journeys" are the term we use in Autopilot to describe the path a contact flows through. Think of them as workflows.

You can create and access your Journeys in the Journeys app:

To create a new Journey click the "New Journey" button:

You can also start from a pre-designed, best practice Journey by going to our templates library.

Journeys are made up of triggers, actions and conditions:

As a group, we call these "shapes". You can learn more about each individual shape here.

You can combine shapes to create Journeys. For example, the below Journey will send an email to everyone in my Leads list that isn't on my Customers list:

When you have completed your Journey, click the "Publish Journey" button in the bottom left of the screen:

You can also request a review of your Journey if you'd like a member of our team to offer you advice on best practices.

When you publish your Journey, you will see the Live View tab becomes available:

Click on this to see how many people have entered each shape in your Journey:

The number on the left is the amount of contacts who have entered the shape.

The number on the right is the amount of contacts who have:

  • ended their journey (i.e. reached the final step, or aren't eligible to proceed, for example in the case of a condition); or
  • are currently being processed (for example, in the case of a delay).