Autopilot: Recommended form builders

Autopilot and forms

Autopilot intentionally doesn't come with a built-in form builder. Our goal is to allow you to continue to use the best of breed form builders you're already using, and pull your submissions into Autopilot using our form capture.

If you don't yet have forms setup, or have found that your existing (or custom-built) forms aren't compatible with Autopilot, below are some recommended providers which are fully supported by Autopilot.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive compatibility list. These are simply recommendations that we have confirmed to be fully compatible with Autopilot's form capture. Many form builders and custom-built forms not listed below are compatible, and the majority of those that aren't can be captured via our Zapier integration or via API


Stand-alone form builder

If you're looking for a stand alone form builder that allows you to embed forms on your existing website or landing page, we recommend Form Stack.

We also have a native integration with Typeform, which we also recommend.

Landing page creator with built-in form builder

If you're looking to build landing pages that include forms, we recommend Unbounce and Instapage.

Website creators with built-in form builders

If you want to build a full website with forms, we recommend Squarespace and Wordpress (specifically Contact Form 7).

Have a suggestion?

If you would prefer to continue to use your existing form builder that isn't yet supported by Autopilot, please suggest it here. We are constantly improving our support and closely monitor your suggestions.

We also recommend checking out our Zapier integration, which could be used to capture form submissions from other systems we don't yet officially support.