Managing people’s phone numbers

Ensuring your contact’s phone numbers are properly formatted is important for ensuring that your SMS campaigns are delivered successfully.

Each person’s phone number should include a country code with the phone number. For example, a US phone number would include the country code of +1 and a 10-digit phone number: +1 555 555 5555.

Ideally, you will instruct customers to input their phone number including the country code when capturing their information, such as in a form on your website. Similarly, people’s phone numbers will be formatted to include the country code in any data sources you integrate with Ortto, so that when data is synced to Ortto the country code is present.

Add or edit a person’s phone number

To add a country code to a person’s phone number:

  1. On the People page, click any of the linked field values of the person you wish to edit.
  2. In the person details panel on the left, navigate to the Phone number field (usually under About).
  3. Hover over the phone number field and click the edit icon.
  4. Click the flag icon to choose a country code, then click the tick to save your selection.

Set a fallback country code

If your contacts are likely to all be in the same country, you can set a fallback country code. The fallback country code allows you to configure the country code used by Ortto whenever SMS messages are sent to people whose phone number fields do not include a country prefix.

Set the fallback country code in your account under Settings > SMS > SMS limits and fallback > Fallback country code.

Learn more about the fallback country code.