Sending playbook messages on specific days

Sometimes it makes sense to send Playbook emails on specific days, for example when you want to send emails for a trial over a fixed time period. By default Playbook messages are set to a default cadence of 3 days apart, but you can send messages on specific days. This is achieved by selecting the "As soon as they match" option and then adding criteria to each message to send on a specific day since entering the playbook.

To send messages on specific days:

  1. View a playbook campaign. Choose a playbook campaign with at least 2 email messages which have been newly configured, and no other options and/or conditions have been set.
  2. Under Send messages, click Edit and select As soon as they match from the first drop-down. This means as soon as any message meets the criteria applied the message will be sent immediately. The first message (highest priority) will always be sent on day 1, so we don’t need to modify that message.
  3. Click the second message in your playbook, e.g. Trial day 3.
  4. Click edit under People receive this message when.
  5. Click Filter and search for Entered playbook, click it and then select First Occurred.
  6. For this message to be sent on day 3, select First occurred, exactly, 3 days ago, then select Where, Campaign name is 14 day trial and click Done.
    So now this message can only be sent 3 days after entering the playbook.
  7. Repeat the above for all messages and ensure they are in priority order.