How email forward works

The Forward option is included by default in the footer of an email message (along with links to unsubscribe, manage subscription preferences, and view the email message online).

When an email message is sent containing the forward link, a recipient can use it to forward the email on to another recipient.

When the original recipient clicks Forward in the email message, it will take them to a hosted page which enables them to populate the next recipient’s name, email address, and add a personal message. An email can be forwarded to only 1 recipient at a time.

NOTE: Emails that were delivered more than 30 days ago cannot be viewed online or forwarded.

What happens when a person receives a forwarded email?

The person who receives the forwarded email will view the original email message along with the personal message (if included). However, the recipient will not be able to react to the email (if reactions were enabled), and they will have the option to subscribe to your mailing list.

Example view of a forwarded email including subscribe option

Where the person who receives the forwarded email chooses to subscribe:

  • If they are already a contact in your CDP, their subscription status will be updated (if previously unsubscribed).
  • If they are not an existing contact, they will be added as a contact (and subscribed to email). You’ll be able to see the person’s subscription context in their view, under Activities.