About Talk

Talk is Ortto’s messenger platform that enables you to have synchronous and asynchronous conversations with your customers to provide sales and customer support, in the context of a contact’s data and activities stored in your customer data platform (CDP).

The key features of Talk are:

Getting started with Talk

When you want to turn Talk on, you’ll be taken through the set up wizard, which makes it easy to get started.

Once you’ve got Talk going, you can explore the settings and features in more detail in these key areas:

  1. The Talk messenger widget and inbox setup in your Ortto account settings:
    • Settings > Talk messenger is where you turn Talk on or off, manage the widget styling and homepage content, and choose how you want to handle unidentified visitors, set expected response times.
    • Settings > Inbox is where you configure the inbox which contains all your conversations. Here, you can create teams, conversation assignment rules, saved replies, and automatic rating widgets and satisfaction surveys. You can set up email forwarding so that your Talk inbox can receive contact queries sent via email (in addition queries sent via the Talk messenger widget). In this section, you can also set up and train your AI model to support your conversation responses.
  2. Once you’re set up, its a good idea to become familiar with the Talk Inbox, including setting up any custom views your teams may need (if you are an Admin-level user).
  3. Then, if you want to initiate conversations with people browsing your website, such as to offer assistance or promote a sale or new feature, create and configure a conversation capture widget.
  4. Once you’re up and running, you’ll see that activities created from conversations will be associated with contacts in your CDP. These activities and can be used in reports, to create audience segments, as merge tags, and so on.