General setup

The General setup page allows you to configure Ortto’s globally applicable general configurations, including your business information, locale information, and support for organizations.

Access the General setup page

To access the General setup page, on the Setup page, click General.

On this page, you can configure the following privacy and security settings:

Date and time

Choose from one of the appropriate date (date before month or vice versa) and time (12 or 24 hours) formats, based on these format combination options:

  • MM/DD/YYYY 12 hour

  • MM/DD/YYYY 24 hour

  • DD/MM/YYYY 12 hour

  • DD/MM/YYYY 24 hour

Default currency

Choose from one of the appropriate currency symbols to represent how currency fields (including any configured currency-based custom fields) appear in the Ortto UI.


Enable or disable the organizations feature using the ON/OFF toggle.

Enabling organizations means you can store organization data in your CDP and link people to the organizations they are associated with.

Disabling organizations:

  • permanently removes all organizations from your CDP, and

  • cannot be undone and you will be asked to confirm your choice in writing.