Email and templates

Email limit

This setting limits the number of emails a person can receive in a given window. It helps prevent subscribers receiving too many emails and reduces the likelihood of them unsubscribing.

By default the email limit is to set to prevent subscribers from receiving more than 1 email every 16 hours.

You can also stop email being sent on specific dates. This is useful to avoid sending email on certain holidays such as Christmas day.

What happens when the limit is reached?

When you attempt to send an email from a campaign or a playbook and the subscriber has already received an email during the email limit window we will automatically "skip" them and the email will not be sent.

This is shown in both the activity of the subscriber and the campaign report.

How do I stop sending email on specific dates?

  1. Navigate to Setup > Email, domain and templates.

  2. Find "Email limit".

  3. Check the option "Do not send email on specific dates".

  4. Click "Manage dates".

Can I override this settings in certain circumstances?

Sometimes you have to send a mission critical email and want to make sure all subscribers get the message. In both playbook emails and email campaigns you can switch on the setting "Ignore email limit" and the email will be sent regardless of the rules set in the email limit.