Email and templates

Email limit

This setting limits the number of emails a person can receive in a given window. It helps prevent subscribers receiving too many emails and reduces the likelihood of them unsubscribing.

By default the email limit is to set to prevent subscribers from receiving more than 1 email every 16 hours.

You can also stop email being sent on specific dates. This is useful to avoid sending email on certain holidays such as Christmas day.

What happens when the limit is reached?

When you attempt to send an email from a campaign or a playbook and the subscriber has already received an email during the email limit window we will automatically "skip" them and the email will not be sent.

This is shown in both the activity of the subscriber and the campaign report.

How do I stop sending email on specific dates?

  1. Navigate to Settings  Email and templates  Email.

  2. Find Email limit.

  3. Select the option Prevent automated playbook and journey messages from being sent on specific dates.

  4. Click Add a date and select the relevant date.

Can I override this setting in certain circumstances?

Currently, the way to override email limits is to mark an email message as transactional. The transactional feature is designed for messages directly related to actions, such as sending a customer an order confirmation message directly after they’ve purchased an item in your store.

You can mark a journey or playbook email message as transactional by viewing the message and editing the People can receive this message setting to select This email is transactional

make transactional
Example making a playbook email message transactional

Alternatively, you can send transactional email via Ortto’s API.

Sending transactional email requires prior approval from Ortto, and should only be used for genuinely transactional email, as it will send irrespective of a person’s subscription status. Learn more about transactional email at Making journey and playbook campaign messages transactional.