Integrating with BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a robust eCommerce platform that empowers businesses to focus on optimization for growth.

Proceed through each of the following procedures to integrate Ortto with your BigCommerce store as a data source.

BigCommerce prerequisites

This integration process assumes you have an operating BigCommerce store, and a BigCommerce user account with owner privilege access to this store.

Install the Ortto (Autopilot) plugin in BigCommerce

  1. Ensure you are logged in to your BigCommerce store as a user with owner privileges.

  2. Click Apps  My Apps from the side menu.
    If Autopilot is available/listed, proceed to Connect from the BigCommerce admin interface.

  3. Click Apps  Marketplace from the left side menu, followed by the BIGCOMMERCE.COM/APPS button (on the Apps tab page) to open the BigCommerce apps site.

  4. On this site, search for autopilot, and wait for the apps filtering process to complete.

  5. Click the Autopilot app, and then GET THIS APP on its resulting page.

  6. If prompted, log back in to your BigCommerce store, choosing your appropriate BigCommerce Account and Store, which should open your BigCommerce store at its Marketplace page displaying the Autopilot app.

  7. Click Install.

  8. On the Autopilot is requesting to update its access to your BigCommerce store page, select the checkbox and click Confirm.

  9. Wait until the Autopilot app installation process is completed (with the Autopilot page appearing in My Apps) before proceeding.

Connect from the BigCommerce admin interface

Use this procedure to complete the integration between Ortto and your BigCommerce store from within BigCommerce, by establishing the connection between the products.

  1. Assuming the Ortto (Autopilot) plugin in BigCommerce has already been installed, from the My Apps page, locate the Autopilot app and click its Launch button.

  2. Scroll down to Step 1: Connect your account, and click Connect.

    If your BigCommerce store had already been connected to an Ortto account, then this step may already indicate this existing connection (with a link to this Ortto account), and the button will indicate Reconnect instead of Connect.
  3. If you have:

    • already created an Ortto account and are:

      • signed in to Ortto, the Ortto Accounts page appears, from which you should click the Ortto account (also known as an 'Ortto instance') to integrate with your BigCommerce store.

        There may only be one of these. However, if you have created multiple Ortto accounts with the same sign-in credentials, then each of these Ortto accounts will appear on this page.
      • not yet signed in to Ortto, the Ortto Sign up page appears, from which you should:

        1. Click the Sign in link on this page to open the Ortto Sign in page.

        2. Sign in to Ortto.

        3. Click the Ortto account to integrate with your BigCommerce store (above).

    • not yet created an Ortto account, the Ortto Sign up page appears, from which you can create your Ortto account:

      1. Either click Sign up with Google and follow the remaining prompts, or:

        1. Specify your First name, Last name, Email address, and Password in the appropriate fields.

        2. Click Sign up.
          If you have never signed up to Ortto with this email address before, check your email inbox for your Ortto account verification email message, and click Verify email address in this message to verify your email address.

      2. In the resulting Hi 'your name' page, enter the following details about your business:

        • Business name,

        • Account name (initially suggested based on your Business name),

        • Website URL,

        • Phone number, and

        • How many contacts do you have? (choose the approximate range of customers/people that your Ortto account will be managing).

        Ensure your Account name is correct before continuing. This value affects the URL you use to access Ortto through your web browser, and it cannot be changed.
      3. Click Next to proceed.

  4. On the Merge page, select the appropriate strategy by which people’s and organizations' data are merged from Salesforce into your Ortto’s CDP. The Import and merge new records only, Import and overwrite any records that exist, and Import new records only are equivalent to the respective Append only, Overwrite existing, and Ignore merge strategies, described in the API reference documentation.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Once the Syncing your data page appears, click Done.

  7. Return to your BigCommerce store page, and confirm that Step 1: Connect your account now indicates that you are connected to your Ortto’s Business name; you may need to refresh the page to see this.

    The Business name is a hyperlink that opens your Ortto account when clicked.
  8. Further down the page in Step 2: Consent to enable website tracking script, it is highly recommended that you select the Enable tracking checkbox to provide a more effective integration experience between your BigCommerce store and Ortto.

That’s it! Your Ortto account is now connected to and integrated with your BigCommerce store.