Integrating with Pipedrive

When you connect to Pipedrive we sync all of your People, Organizations and activities related to Deals, Notes, Person activities and related updates. The data source is read only, but actions in playbooks can be used to send information back to Pipedrive or make updates. For example creating or updating a deal. The integration is designed to help you send messages across the customer lifecycle to help you close more deals.

Common use cases include:

  • Nurturing new subscribers into deals;

  • Welcoming new customers;

  • Welcoming new subscribers; and

  • Retaining existing customers.

It allows you to connect your Pipedrive data with important activities such as website user sessions, marketing email clicks and opens, and understanding marketing revenue attribution.

We have included templates for reports, dashboards, audiences and playbooks to help get you started. The templates cover everything from analyzing all of your deals to nurturing new subscribers.

Connecting to Pipedrive

You can connect the Pipedrive data source from the Pipedrive marketplace, when you sign up to Ortto or as a new data source to an existing account.

To connect Pipedrive:

  1. Navigate to Data sources.

  2. Click "New data source".

  3. Select Pipedrive.

  4. Authorize Pipedrive for Ortto.

  5. Select custom fields to sync, you can select up to 50 custom fields from Pipedrive.

Depending on the number of records in your Pipedrive account, due to API limitations of Pipedrive the initial sync may take several hours. You can view the state of the connection on the data source screen.

How to remove people that you don’t want included in your subscription

If you have subscribers in your Pipedrive account that you no longer wish to market to or communicate with you can archive them to reduce the total amount of contacts that contribute to your monthly subscription.

The best approach to this is to create a filter to find contacts you wish to archive:

  1. Navigate to People.

  2. Select Filter.

  3. Create a filter using your Pipedrive data to find contacts you wish to archive.

  4. Once the filter is created, select all contacts and click Archive.


Archived contacts no longer count towards your subscription. Archived contacts will only be re-added if new activity occurs in Pipedrive related to those contact. This means inactive contacts will not be re-added to your account.

Limitations of Pipedrive API and webhooks

Pipedrive webhooks commonly have outages which may impact your reports, filters and automation via playbooks. These outages can also stop actions such as updating a deal from occurring. While the outages are fairly rare, we experience these outages more often than other data sources due to limitations of Pipedrive’s API. We believe as Pipedrive improves their API over time we should see a reduction in these outages but unfortunately they are beyond our control.