Twitter integration

When you connect to Twitter you will be able to choose Twitter as a data destination for your Ortto audiences, and update your Twitter Ads audiences from Ortto.

Twitter prerequisites

This integration process requires having a Twitter Ads account.

Connect from Ortto

To connect to Twitter Ads:

  1. On the Data sources page, click New data source.

  2. Under Advertising or All data sources, select Twitter, then Get started.

  3. On Connect to Twitter, click Connect.

  4. Click Authorize app to authorize the connection with your Twitter account.

  5. On Configure, select the Twitter advertising account you wish to use.

  6. Click Done to complete the integration.

How is the data synced from Ortto?

Once Twitter is connected, you can select it as a data destination for your Ortto audiences. This will send your Ortto audience to be added to your list of Twitter audiences, as long as Destinations is enabled.

To sync your Ortto audiences to Twitter:

  1. On the Audiences page, click on the audience you wish to sync to Twitter.

  2. In the left-hand details panel, under Destinations, click Edit.

  3. Select Twitter Ads, then Save.

Ortto audiences synced to Twitter will be added as list-type custom audiences, and will be named with the prefix Ortto:.

In your Twitter account, you will see the audience listed as Processing until Twitter has finished processing the audience. This can take up to 48 hours.

If your audience contains less than 100 contacts/Twitter users, Twitter will return a status of Audience too small. Learn more about Twitter audiences in the Twitter help documentation.

Connecting Twitter as a data source will not send any Twitter data to Ortto.

Ongoing data sync

When an audience that you have configured to send to Twitter is updated (people are added or removed), the updates are synced from Ortto to Twitter.

In your Twitter account, when audiences are updated they go back into the Processing state described under How is the data synced from Ortto?

Resynchronizing data

Audience updates are sent to Twitter:

  • when the data source is reconnected after being disconnected, or

  • if Destinations is re-enabled after being disabled.

What does the data source add to my account?

Connecting Twitter as a data source adds:

  • Twitter Ads as an audience data destination, and

  • Playbook and journey actions.

Learn more about using Twitter in Ortto under Using Twitter.

Access the Twitter data source view

When a data source is connected, you are provided with a data source view. On the Data sources page, click the data source you wish to view.

A data source’s view is the administration page where you can:

  • give the data source a new name (this will not affect your Twitter account settings). To do so, hover over the name and click the pencil icon, then type the new name and click on a blank area of the page to save the name.

  • disconnect the data source. To do so, click Actions  Disconnect.

Twitter integration

Learn more about the data source view under Managing data sources.

Using Twitter

The Twitter actions that are added to your account enable you to add and remove people from your Twitter audiences in journeys and playbooks by:

  • using an Action shape in a journey, or

  • adding an Action in a playbook.

One way to use the Twitter integration is to run highly personalized retargeting campaigns. Take for example VIP customers. You could use an activity such as Shopify’s Placed order occurs where Total price is greater than $1000 as a journey or playbook entry criteria to send the customer a thank you email. Within that playbook or journey, you can add an Action (playbook) or Action shape (journey) to add that person to a Twitter audience named VIP customers. You can then run highly personalized retargeting campaigns to this audience. You could also create lookalike audiences to target people with similar interests to your VIP list.

Twitter integration
Using an occurs condition in your campaign entry criteria gives you a fresh data set, as people enter the journey/playbook when they perform the specified activity (as opposed to using has occurred, which qualifies people who have already performed an activity).

Another way to use the Twitter integration is if you want to run a Twitter ad campaign to customers in a particular country, such as Australia. You could create or use an existing Ortto audience of customers located in Australia and sync the audience to Twitter. Your Australian audience is then ready for you to use in your Twitter ad campaign.

Troubleshooting Twitter

This troubleshooting guide is designed to help you with common questions or issues you may encounter when using Twitter as a data source.

For further assistance, please contact our Support team:

  1. In the left-hand navigation drawer of your Ortto account, click Support.

  2. On the How can we help? page:

    1. Under Quick links, click Chat with support.

    2. Type your message in the Talk messenger widget to start a conversation with our team.

Disconnect and delete the data source

You must disconnect and archive a data source before you can delete it.

Disconnecting a data source from Ortto will stop new data from the data source merging with the CDP.

Learn about disconnecting, archiving and deleting a data source under Managing data sources.

Data source already connected

Disconnect, archive, and delete the existing Twitter connection before attempting to connect again; the existing data source must be deleted.

Connect more than one Twitter account

Ortto can connect to only one Twitter account at a time. To connect to another Twitter account, you must first disconnect and delete the data source for the current Twitter account.

Twitter data source displays as 'syncing' after x minutes/hours

If you have audiences configured with Twitter Ads as a data destination, you may see the data source as "Syncing" if you have a large amount of audience activity (people entering/leaving the audience).

Ortto audiences are missing from Twitter Ads account

Ensure you have enabled Twitter ads under Destinations in the Audience you wish to sync to Twitter. Follow the steps outlined under How is the data synced from Ortto?.

Removing Ortto audiences from Twitter Ads account

To stop syncing updates for a particular audience from Ortto to Twitter, deselect Twitter Ads as a destination for that audience.

Deselecting Twitter Ads as a destination for your audience after it has been synced from Ortto to Twitter will not remove the audience from your Twitter Ads account. You need to edit/delete the audience in Twitter.