Default Shopify audiences

When you setup your Shopify store on Ortto we automatically create audiences based on customer information and behavior from your store. This helps you target your marketing to audiences where you can make more money such as customers who may have only ever ordered once.

You can modify or archive these audiences but for most stores we recommend using these audiences to help you find opportunities for retention and growth.


  • Subscribers - customers who chose to accept marketing in Shopify. This is an audience you can send newsletters, product announcements and catalogues to with permission.

  • Customers - customers that have spent any amount of money in your store.

  • Repeat customers - where a customer has ordered more than once.

  • Abandoned carts - contacts appear in this audience when they have abandoned a cart in the last 7 days and not completed an order in the last 7 days. An abandon cart is defined as having not completed an order within 15 minutes after the last product is added to the cart.

  • Waiting on stock - where a browser or customer has requested to be notified when an item that is out of stock is back in stock.

  • Virgin customers - contacts who opted into marketing but have never completed an order.

  • Single order customers - customers who have ordered once.

  • Slipping customers - customers who have ordered in the last 90 days but haven’t ordered again in the last 30 days. This is relevant to stores where a customer is expected to order to a particular cadence.

  • Abandoned browsers - contacts who have viewed a product more than 1 time in the last 14 days and have not placed an order or abandoned a cart in that same period.